Irrigation System Design


Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) - Irrigation Association

Systems engineered to each unique property

Our Certified Irrigation Designer will provide an innovative design to sustain the landscape for residential or commercial properties.

Healthy landscapes are achieved through proper design coverage and water management. Efficient irrigation or sprinkler designs improve our environment by reducing or eliminating excessive water run-off–the number one detriment to our water ways and resources.

Our quality designs insure reduced maintenance costs–a properly installed design can provide 10
to 15 years of trouble-free service.

Maintenance costs are virtually eliminated and supports stronger plants and turf and prevents costly replacement of landscape.

Each design provided in printed form and as a reproducible digital format insuring ease of obtaining competitive bidding from contractors
and knowing exactly what should be installed.


Design is critical

  • Designs are based upon specific site requirements – soil, plant type, sun exposure
  • Weather-based, soil moisture sensors, ET or standard controllers – proven technology, economical water consumption
  • Advanced water management schedules provided with each installation
  • Meets Florida Water Star or FGBC criteria

A typical residential irrigation system can use over 3500 gallons of water per cycle wasting thousands of gallons of water each year.

Clear Water PSI provides superior coverage in our custom engineered designs providing high performance and efficient water use.

A proper system design is critical to insure adequate performance and efficiency.

Quality irrigation designs can provide the basis for reasonable water consumption, improved appearance of the landscape, reduced chemical applications and system maintenance.

Already have a system? We specialize in efficiency renovations of mature systems, bringing you long-term solutions.

Our clients save money and enjoy more time admiring their landscapes.

Cost-effective technology has saved our clients 50-80% of their irrigation water consumption. Knowing how to implement those savings is where we excel.