Water Restrictions – Removed!

Water Restrictions Tightened

Effective November 2009, property owners are now allowed to water only 1 day per week.

Central Floridians are faced with new water restrictions beginning November 1st through March 1st – you can water landscape only one day each week. The remainder of the year, March to October is limited to no more than two days each week.

Affordable technologies are available for installation on existing sprinkler systems that will provide water to the landscape when it is needed, not what day is on the calendar. You can water!

Contact Clear Water PSI for more information and get introduced to this beneficial technology. We will meet with you at your home, complete an evaluation of the sprinklers and landscape and discuss alternatives to suit your budget and meet your property’s specific needs.

Our certified professionals will guide you and your property through the process, obtaining the proper variance.

The result – water as your landscape needs it and have the best looking property in the development.