Water Optimizer

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The Water Optimizer:
The Next Generation Smart Irrigation System

With flexibility and customization, the WaterOptimizerTM provides a real solution for water managers and homeowners.

It’s all about efficiency. To make the most of the water we have we have to be efficient and irrigation is one of the greatest efficiency challenges-until now.

The WaterOptimizerTM is designed to provide all the water a landscape needs, but no more. Moisture sensors allow the right amount of water to get to the right location. The result? Precision delivery of water to landscapes. And, conservation! Irrigation can account for 50-75 percent of water used at a home or business. The WaterOptimizerTM can save up to 70 percent of that and all of the costs that go with it!

Now that is real smart.

The WaterOptimizerTM is a seamless blend of new and tested “set it and forget it” technologies. Better still, online access lets water managers or homeowners monitor the system. And, because it works so well, communities, CDD’s, HOA’s and developments that adopt this type of technology can water as needed.


Finally, Water Works For Everyone

Developers: Water drives economic opportunity. Developers know this. The WaterOptimizerTM can reduce infrastructure costs and markets a water efficient community and potential government rebates.

Homebuilders: Homebuyers are demanding water and energy efficient construction, landscaping and technologies from builders. The WaterOptimizerTMoffers reduced water and landscaping costs, enviro-smart technology and controllability of systems in place.

Utilities: The WaterOptimizerTM allows utilities efficiency in their operation. Through its multifaceted uses, it allows companies to reduce money, water and demand.

Landscape Pro’s: Droughts and increased competition for water make it hard for landscapers to do their job. The WaterOptimizerTM can help by eliminating over watering, reducing customer’s bills, allowing remote trouble shooting and offering rebates.

HOA’s/Homeowners: The WaterOptimizerTM gives lawns the water they need to stay fresh while reducing water used to keep them that way. The system eliminates irrigation fines, reduces costs and offers precision lawn management.

Golf Courses: Regardless of location, the WaterOptimizerTM offers precision turf management through the use of its moisture-based system and irrigation controls.


Real Water Management

Water optimizer timer diagramThese technologies enable utilities to really manage water use, reduce peak water requirements and delay the development of costly alternatives.

For Water Managers: The WaterOptimizerTM allows water managers to reduce peaks and manage community supplies, while providing water needed for landscape maintenance.

Residents and Businesses: The WaterOptimizerTM connects to residential irrigation systems, replacing existing controllers. Local water utilities, HOA’s, CDD’s or an authorized contractor can then monitor the system. Because the system is so efficient, communities that adopt the technology can seek a variance from local irrigation restrictions in some states.

Water Optimizer timer

Delivering In 6 Operational Modes:

1. Weather: As the weather changes, the WaterOptimizerTM responds by working in conjunction with a weather station. If it rains, the system won’t activate.

2. Sensor: Moisture sensors are placed at various locations around a property and when moisture levels are met at one zone, the controller moves on to the next.

3. Reclaimed Water: The WaterOptimizerTM can be applied to a utility’s reclaimed water system, enabling a decrease in the amount of reclaimed water in reserve or storage.

4. Pressure: Each utility monitors water pressure by interrupting system controls if pressure drops below a set point, in order to meet essential needs. Once pressure is restored, the system continues where it left off.

5. Fire Support: In a fire emergency, irrigation can be interrupted so that all water can go toward fighting the fire.

6. Emergency: During weather conditions, including tornadoes, the system can sound an alarm to alert citizens and improve response times.