Soil Moisture Sensors

We’ve got one to fit your system AND your budget!

Proven Technology

Clear Water PSI has installed soil moisture sensors in Central Florida properties since 2008. The results are outstanding! Better looking lawns, reduced maintenance and lower water bills.

Soil sensors have been around for over 20 years, mainly utilized in agricultural applications. These devices provide proven, reliable results.

With several styles to choose from, our water management experts will identify the best options for your property. Our installation includes an assessment of your landscape and irrigation, verification of existing components and identifying the optimal sensor location.

Single sensor units can provide up to 50% savings, multiple sensor systems easily achieve up to 80% water reductions annually.

Too much water is almost as bad as not enough. Have the best lawn on the block while saving money. Soil moisture sensors start providing a return on your investment the day they are installed.

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What our clients are saying about soil moisture sensors…

“I’m not buying that water. The grass is green, I’m saving money and I don’t have to wash my car to get the hard water spots off.”

– J. Orlando

“The sprinklers don’t come on any more, especially with all this rain we’re having.”

– D. Reveron