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Effective irrigation minimizes long term landscape maintenance expenses. Projects designed, installed or renovated by Clear Water PSI will sustain and enhance any landscape while reducing water consumption-providing a tangible return on investment.

Our innovative, cost-conscious solutions achieve excellent results for clients, whether they’re starting from the ground up or dealing with an old problem.

Clear-Scapes – Irrigation & Landscape Renovation,
Water Well – Orlando FL


This mature residential property was overgrown and declined. New property owners were interested in a landscape with Florida style, low maintenance, tropical color and a dog friendly environment. Clear-Scapes designer created an inviting new aesthetic appeal that reflects the property owner’s individual style. This open and inviting landscape will mature without clutter or being overgrown and visual appeal for years of enjoyment. Efficient sprinklers or irrigation upgrades include SMART irrigation components including rain/freeze sensor, MP rotator nozzles, micro and drip irrigation with zones watering turf and landscape plants separately. Clear Water PSI’s licensed water well contractor installed a shallow well as an alternative water source, removing the outdoor water use from the potable (drinking) water meter which previously was used to water the landscape.


Vision House 2011 - New System Design & Install

Vision House 2011 – New System Design & Install

The irrigation design produces 0% runoff, minimal evaporation and exceeds 70% increased efficiency over standard systems. Enhanced technology provides relief from day-specific watering and reduced turf limitations.


Residence - System Renovation & Controller UpgradeResidence – System Renovation & Controller Upgrade

Enhancements to the mature 7-zone system have reduced water consumption 32%, decreased water costs over 60% and maintains the best lawn in the neighborhood.


Estate Property - Renovation & Water Management

Estate Property-Renovation & Water Management

A basic system renovation, installation of soil moisture based controls in each zone and our water management services saved this client thousands off their water bill in less than 6 months.


Residence - Landscape & Irrigation RenovationResidence – Landscape & Irrigation Renovation

This project really went together nicely. The property owner reduced their water consumption to 1/4 of their use after we finished the renovation. This area was using 14 gallons per minute — now only 3.75 gallons! Not impressed yet? How about savings of over 33,265 gallons per year? Not bad, huh?

Clear-Scapes Yard Renovation, Well & Irrigation Repair

This residence ended up being the perfect example of using Clear Water PSI as your “one stop water shop.” The lawn on this property was completely dead when we were hired to revitalize it. To ensure that this didn’t happen again we repaired the sprinkler system and irrigation well on the property. We then laid down new sod, preparing the property for sale and vastly improving the aesthetics.

Since 1997, our staff has utilized innovative technology, industry proven best management practices and honest evaluations to provide our clients with the most comprehensive, sustainable water solutions possible.

Superior Techniques & Methods

Soil moisture sensing technology

Weather-based or ET controls

Coverage corrections & renovations

Drip conversion

Leak detection

Irrigation system mapping

Alternative water sources

Water management & scheduling

SMART controllers

Freeze & wind controls