Curt Benson, Field Services Manager

Curt Benson, Field Services Manager

Clear Water Products & Services, Inc.
Office: 407/302-4455
Cell: 407/538-6706

Curt Benson joined Clear Water PSI in May of 1999 as the manager of Field Services for the irrigation, water well and water treatment sectors of the company. His accomplishments include leading a team of technicians that consistently provide services with less than 1% warranty claims and a consistent record of safety on the job site. Projects are efficiently completed with complete client satisfaction.

Always promoting new technology in the water industry, Curt has developed an efficient method for the installation of two-wire soil moisture sensors reducing the overall cost of installations and creating affordability to what was a complex system. Irrigation evaluations and audits have been completed by Curt since 2004 and his knowledge of plant diseases and turf conditions is expansive. These combined talents have provided thousands of our clients with an effective water management tool with long-term benefits that provide a return on their investment.

Water sources and quality issues are Curt’s forte’ as a water well contractor. Curt’s design and implementation of water well and alternative water sources provide the lifeblood to our irrigation systems. Potable or drinking water supplies are enhanced by his application of water treatment equipment to meet the various tastes of our clients after thoroughly evaluating each water supply.

As a Florida native, Curt’s enthusiasm for the outdoors guided him to dedicate over 20 years to the water well industry where he provided services within the environmental monitoring and geotechnical markets. He developed drilling methods that are utilized throughout the industry still today.

Licenses and Certifications:

  • State of Florida Water Well Contractor
  • Certified Irrigation Auditor
  • Certified Site Manager
  • Florida Water Star Certifier


  • Florida Ground Water Association
  • Florida Irrigation Society – Central Florida Chapter
  • Metro-Orlando Home Builders Association